St Patrick's College Strathfield


St Patrick’s College believes in the importance of language learning in order to foster global citizens. The College recognises that there is a rich linguistic and cultural diversity of non-English speaking background communities within the College community.

The study of languages provides opportunities for students to become more accepting of diversity, more respectful of others and more aware of their place in the international community. High quality education in languages enables students to respond positively to the opportunities and challenges of this rapidly changing world. There is also a focus on explicitly developing students’ literacy skills. Technology is used as a medium to enhance the language learning experience by engaging students in the learning process and providing authentic access to the target language.


Stage 3

Stage 4

Stage 5

Stage 6

Italian Year 8 Italian Year 9 Italian Year 11 Italian Beginners and Continuers
French Year 9 French Year 11 French Beginners
Year 10 Italian Year 12 Italian Beginners and Continuers
Year 10 French Year 12 French Beginners
Year 12 Italian Extension


Other languages not offered by the College are accommodated through the NSW School of Languages. Japanese, German, Chinese, Spanish and Indonesian are examples of additional NSW School of Languages courses chosen by students who want to maintain family language and cultural connections, or simply explore a language of interest to them.

The College also offers a biennial immersion experience to Italy for students in Year 10 and above.