St Patrick's College Strathfield


All students at St Patrick’s study English.

The study of English is fundamental to fostering our students’ understanding of themselves and the world.

In the senior years, students have the opportunity to study more than one English course, depending upon their needs, abilities and interests. All NESA courses, except ESL, are currently offered, including HSC English Extension 2.


Stage 4 Stage 5 Stage 6
Year 7 English
Year 9 English
Year 11 Preliminary HSC English Advanced
Year 8 English
Year 10 English
Year 11 English Extension 1
Year 11 Preliminary HSC English Standard
Year 12 HSC English Advanced
Year 12 HSC English Extension 1
Year 12 HSC English Extension 2
Year 12 HSC English Standard


Every year, the College organises its own writing competition, the Thomas Keneally Writing Competition, named in honour of our famous, literary old boy. This competition is non selective, and seeks to celebrate excellence and creativity in writing, including poetry. Students across all years are strongly encouraged to submit entries. Prizes are awarded to the winners in each category on Speech Night.

The Faculty has continued to place an emphasis on wide reading and imaginative writing. There is a suggested reading list for all year groups and students reading habits are monitored. All students are prepared and encouraged towards the full range of Senior English courses, including English Extension 1 and 2.