St Patrick's College Strathfield


Q. When should I start the enrolment process?

Due to the high demand for places at St Patrick’s College, we encourage parents to submit an  as early as possible.

Q. Do you need to enrol from birth?

Applications for Possible Enrolment are accepted from birth and up to one year before a Year 5 enrolment. The earliest applications will be considered favourably.


Q. Is Year 5 the only intake year at the College? Are additional enrolments taken in non-intake years, such as Year 7?

The College’s only intake year is Year 5, and students typically maintain their enrolment from Year 5 to Year 12.

The College does not open additional enrolments in non-intake years, including Year 7.  Enrolments in non-intake years become available as vacancies arise, and these places are high in demand and filled from a waitlist by invitation.

Enrolling your son in Year 5 would benefit from a smoother transition to secondary school, providing you with greater confidence in his continuous education until Year 12.


Q. What are the considerations for applications?

The Principal will consider applications according to the following considerations, but are not limited to:

  1. Active participation in the life of the Catholic Church.
  2. Baptised Catholic students attending ýs (from Kindergarten to Year 4) and baptised Catholics in non-ýs.
  3. Siblings of children already attending the College whose families have demonstrated ongoing support for the ethos and values of the Catholic Church and the Edmund Rice tradition.
  4. Sons or grandsons of Old Boys who are prepared to support the ethos and values of the Catholic Church and the Edmund Rice tradition.
  5. Families with a connection to the College who are prepared to support the ethos and values of the Catholic Church and the Edmund Rice tradition.
  6. Families with no connection to the College who are prepared to support the ethos and values of the Catholic Church and the Edmund Rice tradition.


Q. Do you only accept Catholic families?

Students from other faith traditions or non-religious backgrounds who are prepared to support Catholic education and the Edmund Rice tradition may be considered.

To understand the basics of Catholic beliefs, celebrations, symbols, and prayers, especially if you are unfamiliar with Catholic traditions, we invite you to use this resource, Our Catholic Faith: A Handbook for Parents and Families of Students in NSW/ACT Catholic Schools (Council of Catholic School Parents NSW/ACT).


Q. What is the enrolment process for students with diverse support learning needs?

Students with learning support needs may require an extended period of discernment. This ensures that the appropriate decisions are made, and adjustments are in place to support the individual’s needs successfully.

Additional supporting documentation will be required to best support students and their families with the enrolment procedure. We will seek permission to contact your son’s current school for relevant information.


Q. Does my son need to participate in co-curricular?

All students are expected to participate in the co-curricular life of the College actively. Parents must agree to support this expectation upon acceptance of enrolment—Download Statement of Co-curricular.


Q. Is enrolment guaranteed?

St Patrick’s College receives far more applications than it has places to offer. This means that NO student is guaranteed a place at the College. Some families will, unfortunately, be disappointed.


Q. Are there specific enrolment quotas or limitations for Year 5?

The College enrols approximately 217 students in Year 5.


Q. Does the College offer scholarships?

The College does not offer any scholarships for new students joining the College. We offer two scholarships for current students transitioning from Year 10 to Year 11 to support and encourage their learning in their final senior years at the College.


Q. Can I visit the school campus before applying for enrolment?

Visiting St Patrick’s College is currently prioritised to those seeking entry in the next two years and are on the list of applicants.

Invitations for a College tour will be sent to parents when their son is in Year 3.


Q. What documents are required during the enrolment application, such as birth certificates, academic records, etc.?

The Enrolment Officer will contact you to complete an Enrolment Application Form. This provides further information and documentation which are appended to the application. The due date is approximately eighteen months before the intended year of entry.

The list of supporting documentation is as follows:

  • Full birth certificate (an extract is not acceptable) or identity documents.
  • Proof of Australian citizenship if your son is born overseas or if your son is born in Australia and both parents are born overseas.
  • A photo of your son.
  • Baptismal, Reconciliation, Communion and Confirmation certificates (or those completed to date).
  • Parish priest reference.
  • Copies of any family court orders or other parenting orders (if applicable).
  • Immunisation Record from the Australian Government Department of Human Services.
  • Copies of the most recent two school reports (Semester 1 and 2) (as applicable).
  • Copies of NAPLAN (National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy tests in Years 3, 5, 7, and 9) (as applicable).
  • Copies of any medical reports, psychological assessments, occupational therapy or speech therapy reports (if applicable).
  • Copies of reference to special financial circumstances.


Q. Are there any specific enrolment requirements for international students or students outside of Sydney?

Only applicants who are Australian Citizens, permanent residents or whose parents have a current working visa (a certified copy of their passport must be submitted) are eligible to apply for enrolment at the College.

Overseas students who are not Australian citizens or permanent residents will only be accepted once all Australian Government requirements have been satisfied and if there are any vacancies.


Q. Is there an entrance exam or assessment as part of the enrolment process?

Students will undertake testing with Academic Assessment Services on Orientation Day, scheduled after an offer of acceptance.


Q. How do I enquire about my child’s enrolment application status?

Applicants who apply in 2024 will have access to an Enrolment Portal upon completing the Application for Possible Enrolment Form. All applicants before 2024 will be emailed with instructions on how to register to an online portal for real-time access to their application.

Be assured that the College Enrolments Officer will keep applicants updated on the progress of their application throughout the enrolment process.


Q. Is there a waitlist if my child’s application is initially unsuccessful?

If your son’s application is not successful, the application will be put on a waitlist.

The Year 5 application is not transferable to a Year 6 – 11 enrolment, and a new application is required.