St Patrick's College Strathfield

The Edmund Rice Walk

An historical walk through the life of our founder.


At the core of the 2016 College Strategic Plan and guided by the EREA Charter, is the recognition and celebration of Our Identity as a school in the tradition of Blessed Edmund Rice.

In order for our community to better know the story of Edmund, it was decided to create an historical walk through the College grounds that tracked the major events of his life. Through the College Board’s Identity Committee, Art and Maintenance Departments and Year 6 students, the inspirational life was distilled into seven key phases, each represented by a bronze plaque – Birth, Emergence, Tragedy, Revelation, Beginnings, Mission, Legacy. 

Commencing at The Westcourt Library and concluding, fittingly, at the chapel, The Walk is intended to be a permanent reminder of Edmund’s life journey, a story of compassion that changed countless lives and still inspires those who work and study in Edmund Rice ministries all across the world.


The Edmund Rice Walk Interactive Map