St Patrick's College Strathfield

Captain’s Welcome

St Patrick’s College is more than just a school, but rather a unified community that guides one another to live a life of faith and solidarity. The ninety-six years of rich history and living traditions of the College, inspired by the Christian Brothers and Edmund Rice, have embedded a sense of honour and stature among students, staff and families. The uniform is worn with pride, from the very beginning in the blue caps and shorts, through to the black ties and blazers, symbolically revealing the journey from a boy to a young man. The combination of the College’s passionate spirit, coupled with the integral values instilled amongst all members of the community, births a sense of belonging and comradery that binds all that are involved at ý. By the end of your schooling career, the College’s culture and spirit forms a fundamental part of our identity as students, forever standing proud as one to wear the colours of blue, black and gold.

The exceptional nature of the school is further exemplified in its unique ability to cater for all students with varying talents and interests. The College’s motto ‘Luceat Lux Vestra’ – let your light shine, is one that are all challenged to strive towards. The all-round opportunities on offer, ranging from sporting to cultural co-curriculars and social justice activities, enable all students to excel in their passions, ultimately guiding their light to shine brighter in their own way. It is this widely acknowledged attribute of the College that has assisted many, including myself, in maturing into a young man of broad experiences and capabilities. From the very first moment we enter the gates, it’s almost as though we receive an inherent determination to be the best version of ourselves. This isn’t something that can be taught, rather it is simply nurtured and instilled within every boy.

Letting your light shine is manifested in many ways, but no matter how big or small, embodying this motto serves to strengthen our community – one light at a time. Influenced through the College’s four touchstones, all members of the ý community are inspired to be selfless, compassionate and humble, constantly tasked to serve one another and the greater community. A notion which emphasises the significant presence of faith formation and the values of the Edmund Rice tradition within the school. The centrality of prayer and the weekly Friday morning masses act to constantly remind all boys of the importance of faith and the teachings of Christ in our lives.

The core beliefs of Christianity serve as a cornerstone in the unification and binding of all students and staff, with boys joining as strangers and growing as brothers, an experience which I can proudly attest to. I cannot commend the College highly enough – it’s a place and a community filled with love and brotherhood that stays with you forever.

I look forward to welcoming all members into our community so that we can continue to grow the rich blue, black and gold spirit of ý in 2024.

Michael Sakr

2024 College Captain