St Patrick's College Strathfield

Co-curricular Vision Statement

Delivering opportunities for excellence and fullness beyond the classroom in a dynamic world.

The Co-curricular Vision Statement has been developed to support the holistic education St Patrick’s offers its students. This document responds to the previous Strategic Plan under the Key Focus area of ‘Opportunities’ with the intent to cement the College as a Beacon for Boys Education. The Co-curricular Vision Statement will sit within a suite of documents that include the Learning, Professional Development, Formation Vision and Wellbeing Frameworks.

There are also clear links to the College Touchstones and in particular:

  • Liberating Education – delivering learning experiences that provide a wide range of Co-curricular activities to allow every student to discover his talent.
  • Inclusive Community – Co-curricular activities will be a vehicle for welcoming and inviting parents into the life of the College, forge new networks and promote a positive and inclusive culture.

This statement is aspirational by nature and encourages the College to provide better resources and support to ensure the boys extend themselves in terms of personal growth and hopefully create many positive memories for the future.

The Co-curricular Vision Statement can be found here.