St Patrick's College Strathfield

Celebrating Motherhood


On Friday 10 May, we assembled at Rosehill Gardens to honour and cherish the incredible life-giving presence of our mothers and acknowledge the profound bond that exists between a mother and her son. Commemorating motherhood within the celebration of the Eucharist serves as a reminder that the love bestowed upon us by our mothers, is akin to the unfathomable love and mercy of our creator God, for us all.

Our mothers not only experience the joy of having children but in turn we experience the joy of them in our lives, through the times we spend together, the celebrations we partake in and all the little things in between. They teach us to be young men of faith and they remind us of all the women who have gone before us, carving a path for them and in turn for us. All of this is the reason for this event.

Our celebration of the Eucharist showcased joy, light and love, as well as the blessings bestowed on each of us, especially our mums. Our College Orchestra and Choir brought great beauty to our gathering with their leadership in the music for the Mass, Fr Jack, as always, touched the lives of many through his presence, and Fr John Hayes, the parish priest of St Martha’s Strathfield, celebrated the Mass with humility, good humour and wisdom.

After the Mass, our mothers were treated to a delightful morning tea, creating an opportunity for them to unwind, indulge, and relish in the blessings of our tight-knit community. It was a wonderful occasion for them to enjoy the company of one another and take a well-deserved break.